Interior and Exterior painting is what we do best.John Howell
 How long have you been in business?
John Howell construction has been a registered painting contractor since 1993. 

 Is John Howell Construction licensed and bonded?
 Yes.  We are licensed and bonded with the State of Washington Department of Labor and Industries, and also the state of Oregon. . (Wash License #johnhc983mz) 

What Type of Painting projects do you perform?
Our Painting service provides residential and commercial painting for all interior and exterior needs, trim walls, ceilings,wood staining/sealing.

What is your favorite type of work?
We love doing interior accent wall colors for interior and any kind of accent walls.

Do you work on the job yourself or just have others do the work?
Yes.I work on every job so I can be there to see and approve all work.

What brand of paint do you use?
We will use most any paint the homeowner would like to use, but we get special rates for paints such as Sherwin Williams, Miller, we also pass that savings on to the homeowner. We also will only use premium paints. We use 100% Acrylic paints for exterior use only.

Can you help us with colors?
Yes. We help you pick colors and offer advice from a real world view for what has worked for us . 

Do you stay on the job until it is finished? 
We start your job and we continue on your job until it is finished, you are our priority.
I understand some painters may juggle several projects at once, we try to put ourselves in your place and understand that you have a life too.

What about other work I may need done like maybe replacement of siding or trim, can you perform repair work before you paint our house.
Yes.we can repair your siding or trim boards in most cases, depending on how much you have to replace.

What cities does your painting service cover? 
Areas covered: All of the Vancouver,WA area.

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About John Howell Construction Painting
JOHN HOWELL Construction
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