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Painting cost will vary from contractor to contractor, the more time a contractor spends working on your bid the better. Sometimes there are ways you can cut cost, and I always try to help all my clients save money as long as I can still provide a good end product.
Exterior painting rates vary greatly in any area. When a contractor is asked to bid on a house he takes into account many things. From the stand point of being a painting contractor most of my life and bidding on a few hundred homes I take in the following considerations.

1.The age of the home.
2.How long since the last paint job. A good paint job will last about six to ten years, so every year from this point is a year that your home is really unprotected from weather and serious damage can occur, basically meaning, if you delay repainting for too long, you may never be able to get that new look again from any paint job without repair work.
3.The siding and trim materials the home have been constructed of. Some materials require twice the amount of paint and labor.
4.The height of the home. Single story homes require the least amount of labor cost.
5.The pitch of the roof. Do we need to install roof jacks or extra safety measures that require extra labor?
6.Plants, this is a big one. Painters have to protect all your plants and covering of all these areas requires labor. Take a good look at your home on the exterior and ask yourself how you would be able to work around the plants you have. Picture yourself moving a ladder around, or walking say 18 inches away from your siding. This is one of the first things your painting contractor will look at closely. 
7.Fences, do you have a fence on one side or both that the painter may have to figure how to work around. Some fences may have to be moved and reinstalled in order to do your work.
8.Multiple colors, homes with two or three different body colors take extra time and materials.
9.Trim, how much trim do you have? Is it just in the front of the house or front and back, and maybe all the way around.
10.Hillsides: Is your home located on a hillside? Remember the painter has to work safely, and working on a hillside where you have to anchor your ladder with every move takes time.
12.Paint materials. Depending on the amount, and the quality of products. The cost will vary from twenty to sixty dollars per gallon.

So with all this said, what does it cost? 
Well, most repaint bids can go from 1.00 to 3.00 per SF per living space of the home. All you have to do is take into consideration the above work and price of paint/materials, plus what profit the contractor wants to take home and you have it. 
One of the reasons I’m writing this is because I feel that if people come to understand that every home is different and  every bid will be different, so please feel free to ask me to take a look at your home. Sometimes it may even cost less than you think to have your home painted. I know this sounds complicated but most good painting contractors are able to figure out how to save you money because we do this kind of work all the time.

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