Painting a house is not as simple as most people think. There are a lot of things consider before starting a house painting project. 

Do I have all the tools that I will need?
Are the tools I have in good shape? 
Are they good quality tools? 
What about specialty ladders?
Do I have enough tarps and covers for the plants around my home?
Do I have enough drop cloths to protect from overspray?
Do I have the right paint application equipment? 
What if it rains?
Should I use a primer?
What if I need two coats? 
What is the procedure for a lasting paint job?

Just the paint materials for the exterior of an average 2000 square foot home ranch home   is around five to seven hundred dollars. 

The home owner usually pays retail prices at around 30 percent more for there materials than a most contractors.
So if the homeowner pays for his own paint, and does his own work, he will be spending at least   half what he would pay for a contractor to do it. That is if he doesn’t have to pay for any tools, or supplies other than paint. 

When you hire a good contractor, you get a lot more that just a good paint job.
A good contractor will know when to use a primer.
How to prep a job
When enough prep is enough.
How to avoid overspray.
What paint color would work for your home.
How to match colors.
What material is best for your home.
He will have professional tools to do the job.
He will take the waste away.
And just like everthing else. When you do a certain job for a number years you get better at it.

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Should I paint my house myself?

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